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Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English
character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)/variant of 〇[ling2]
component in Chinese characters, mirror image of 夂[zhi3]
archaic variant of 五[wu3]
component in Chinese character 殷[yin1]
variant of 它[ta1]
see 㐖毒[Ye4 du2]
㐖毒 㐖毒 India (archaic)
variant of 仇[chou2]
archaic variant of 懦[nuo4]
archaic variant of 求[qiu2]
old variant of 信[xin4]
old variant of 眾|众[zhong4]
old variant of 兩|两[liang3]
archaic variant of 遂[sui4]
"seal" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 26)
variant of 省[sheng3]/tight-lipped/to examine/to watch/to scour (esp. Cantonese)
sentence-final particle, contraction of "嘅呀" (Cantonese)/see also 嘅[kai4]
variant of 礙|碍[ai4]
to obtain/archaic variant of 得[de2]
(baby talk) poop/see 㞎㞎[ba3 ba5]
㞎㞎 㞎㞎 (baby talk) poop
old variant of 尿[niao4]
old variant of 以[yi3]
variant of 巽[xun4]
old variant of 西[xi1]
variant of 德[de2]
variant of 捷[jie2]/quick/nimble
old variant of 昔[xi1]
old variant of 顯|显[xian3]/visible/apparent
old variant of 栗[li4]
variant of 送[song4]
ancient name for an animal similar to rabbit but bigger
old variant of 鬣[lie4]
old variant of 雨[yu3]
old variant of 尿[niao4]
variant of 涎[xian2]
(precise meaning unknown, relates to iron)/variant of 協|协[xie2]
old variant of 照[zhao4]
old variant of 烽[feng1]
see 玃[jue2]
fierce dog
㹴犬 㹴犬 variant of 梗犬[geng3 quan3]
see 㺢㹢狓[huo4 jia1 pi1]
㺢㹢狓 㺢㹢狓 okapi/also written 霍加狓[huo4 jia1 pi1]
black jade/variant of 玖
variant of 碗[wan3]

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